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Antrim Youth

Partnering with Parents to Disciple Students



We recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and that their interests and questions can be different from those of adults. We strive to provide students with learning opportunities that are designed specifically for them.

In addition to Sunday morning worship, our students meet every other Sunday during the school year to learn how people their age follow Jesus.

The Seven Checkpoints by Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall provides the framework for our youth group lessons. We do not teach the book. We do teach the biblical concepts that equip students to follow Jesus.


Our students are encouraged to serve with their abilities. The Bible is clear - everyone, regardless of their age is valuable and can contribute to the Kingdom. Serving is how we love others, learn humility and discover the blessing of giving. Our students serve on Sunday mornings, in homes of senior citizens and help maintain our building and grounds.



Opportunities to have fun together are one way for our students to build relationships.


Each summer we encourage our students to participate in a session of camp at Wilderness Christian Assembly. During each session students learn how to better follow Jesus and developing relationships with students from around northern  and central Michigan.

Information about specific sessions can be found at:

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